Plastic Change - Goodwings

In Hammeken Cellars we are concerned about the environment, how our productive model affects us, not only ourselves as species, but the rest of the species that share this wonderful world with us.

That is why we have decided to collaborate with Plastic Change, a Danish organization working internationally. They raise awareness about the consequences of the increasing plastic pollution of the oceans and the environment in general, working with documentation, information, education and solutions to place plastic pollution on the agenda of the general public, the industry and the political system.

Hammeken Cellars has a preferred hotel booking platform: Goodwings. This platform will allocate part of the cost of the reservation to Plastic Change. In this way whenever in Hammeken Cellars we need to book a hotel room, whether to go to fairs, for customer visits, for internal events of the company, etc., we will be allocating a part to the protection of the environment.

Plastic Change


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