Are you trying to build the best Spanish wine portfolio in your market?

At Hammeken Cellars We know that’s extremely difficult to achieve.

The reasons?

   - Quality Inconsistency.
   - Inadequate Customer Service.
   - Unjustified Price Fluctuation.

We’ve spent the last 25 years helping our clients develop their Spanish wine portfolio.

Our clients come from different channels:

   - Grocery stores
   - Government Monopolies
   - E-commerce
   - Bottle Chains

Hammeken Cellars is a privately owned company with the clear mission of making Modern Spanish Wines based on the consumer's needs.

Our 8 winemakers work in 18 different appellations, which makes us a ONE-STOP SOLUTION. This structure allows our clients to save precious time.

All of our departments are highly experienced and agile. We always meet deadlines, and work our best to provide impeccable service and product standards.

We are trend-setters: our 4 designers are fully dedicated to research, create and adapt unique and breathtaking brands. These “silent sellers”, as we call them, could be the stars of your shelves!

We see quality as a whole, respecting terroirs and thriving to create Awards Winning Wines.
We know this is a key tool to improve your sales.

So, why should you partner with Hammeken Cellars?
We know your goals and our mission is to help you achieve them:

   - Build the most competitive Spanish wine portfolio.
   - Become the most respected Spanish Wine Importer in your territory
   - Work with a reliable supply chain.

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