Altamar, a wine to enjoy

Altamar, a wine to enjoy

We welcome a new range of wines.

At Hammeken Cellars we welcome a new family of wines in our portfolio, #Altamar. This range of unique products is sourced of Vino de la Tierra de Castilla, , where you can find: red, white and rosé. The grapes concentrate their aromas perfect and flavors with remarkable intensity.

How does this wine come about? Nowadays, we are currently in a complex context marked by inflation, means an increase in the purchase price and families' constant concern about expenses.

This is the reason why the AFFORDABLE LUXURY concept is very important. It’s about offering the best wine, the highest quality of our grapes at an affordable price.

Our oenology team has worked to achieve elegance and balance at an unbeatable price. We hope that very soon, these new wines are part of your daily day. They will surprise you!