COVID19 boosts BiB Sales

COVID19 boosts BiB Sales

COVID19 has been disruptive for the global wine market. It has weakened the HORECA channel, and benefitted others such as supermarket sales and online sales. When talking about formats, it has been undoubtedly great for the BiB. Consumers buy less frequently, thus they need to buy bigger quantities to fill the pantry, discovering the advantages of this type of packaging. The consumers are realizing that great wines can come in a box, and the BiB has entered consumers' homes to stay.

BiB sales have rosen during the quarantine period from 40% to 70%, in different countries. In Hammeken Cellars we've seen this trend raising in Canada, Sweden, Denmark and USA, amongst others. In Finland we launched a limited edition of Radio Boka Cabernet Sauvignon - Tempranillo, and we're about to become the launch of the year. A prestigious local paper has defined Radio Boka as one of the best quality price ratio in Alko monopoly. Needless to say that the quality of the wine is great, the design is in line with Radio Boka's - and the Finnish consumers have understood it the same way, as the sales have rosen by 200% and needed to restock after only 2 months of the launch.

We are happy to see that BiB is gaining more and more acceptance from the consumers in different markets, as it is a great way to store and consume young wines for longer period, without affecting their quality (they can stay fresh up to 6-8 weeks), and hope other markets will catch up on this trend.

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