Cristina Escrivá logistics coordinator at Hammeken Cellars

Cristina Escrivá logistics coordinator at Hammeken Cellars

Meet one of the people who are part of the team.

Cristina Escrivá has been part of the logistics department for three years. She oversees exporting to Asia, Eastern Europe and Central America. Thanks to her work, all our wines reach their destination.

What she most likes about working at Hammeken Cellars is the human team, the great family that has been formed. Emphasize her relationship with the mates. They facilitate daily work, and any challenge becomes a simple task.

Cristina is sincere, confident and responsible. Studied at the University of Alicante Business Sciences and she thinks that her second option would have been computer science because she really likes programming.

Her motto of life is "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today", is also clear that you must take advantage of and enjoy any occasion that presents itself in life.

She is a fan of suspense movies and series, although she affirms that no matter how much time passes, the Lion King excites from the first time. The soundtrack, the story… she loves it.

Favorite wine? She is a big fan of the Chardonnay variety, a glass of white wine at the end of the day is the moment for her to relax. But, if she has to choose one of our wines: Gran Allegranza is the answer.

Surely, with this news you have been able to get to know a little more about the human team that makes up the #HammekenCellarsTeam.