DO Manchuela

The Manchuela Denomination of Origin covers wines produced in the provinces of Albacete and Cuenca, the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha. In 1997, winegrowers and wineries created the Denomination of Origin, this group began to stand out internationally for the high quality of their wines.

Did you know?


It is between the valleys of the Júcar and Gabriel rivers, it has edaphoclimatic conditions.


In 2000, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment of Spain officially recognized its regulatory activity and commercialization assistance.


Currently, 2.5 million hectoliters of wine are produced annually, representing a total of 5.1% of the total production in Spain.

Characteristics of the DO. Manchuela

The vineyards in this area are influenced by the humid hundreds of the Levante. The high temperatures produced by the wind and the cool night favor the slow ripening of the grapes

Some numbers:

12.478  hectares

It has this area of hectares of vineyards and 26 municipalities between Cuenca and Albacete.


The vineyards are located at this altitude above sea level in a continental climate.

40 wineries

Nowadays, more than 40 wineries reflect the denomination of origin and around 1,170 viticulturists are part of it.


The low humidity, the almost total absence of rain between May and September, and the large number of hours of sun during maturation mean that the risk of diseases is minimal, meaning that the quality of the wines is not affected.