El Gringo spent a day in Sin City Festival

El Gringo spent a day in Sin City Festival

Sin City is a music festival which takes place in an amazing location (an authentic western town close to Alicante city), where you can enjoy, from midday until late night, concerts and dj's linked to the country music, rockabilly, blues, etc. The best place for El Gringo to stand out and make new friends.

Taking advantage that the brand had just been launched in ​​Alicante region we decided to do a marketing activity in order to make the wine known, specially amongst those that share the same wild spirit with our friend, El Gringo. In this manner, we create the perfect link between music, movies and an audience with similar cultural concerns.

Different surveys agree that those brands present in relevant cultural events connect at deeper levels with the audience emotionally as well as experientially.

It was a fantastic day for everybody and yet another opportunity to share El Gringo's story and his links with the "Far, Far West"

We are so looking forward for the next Sin City to arrive. Yeeehaw !!!

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