Flying Towards Sustainability with Goodwings!

Flying Towards Sustainability with Goodwings!

Discover our actions for the planet.

At Hammeken Cellars, we understand our responsibility to contribute to the care of the planet, which is why we rely on the assistance of Goodwings for our business travels.

This platform believes that you can't manage what you don't measure, which is why they track our travel emissions whenever we book through them. The results of our latest report are astonishing!

  • 118 kgCO2e reduced with biofuel.
  • 59 tCO2e eliminated through reforestation.

We're thrilled to receive our annual certificate to learn more about the impact of our travels and how to effectively reduce our emissions.

Within our corporate culture, we believe in the phrase 'small changes change the world,' which is why we're proud of initiatives like this that we undertake with a clear goal: giving back to the planet for all it offers us.

These daily changes truly have a significant impact!