We present our new range of organic and eco-friendly wines. I'm Your Organic was born as a response to our commitment to the environment, since our production model affects not only ourselves as a species, but the rest of the species that share this wonderful world with us.

We are increasingly aware of the need to consume and produce products that respect both our health and the place we inhabit, our planet. I’M YOUR ORGANIC is a range of excellent quality organic and vegan wines. Through a 360º vision we design a product where the focus is to go further than a carbon neutral product and create a product that is REDUCING THE CO2 LEVEL.

Because IT’S OUR RESPONSIBILITY,as producers and as consumers.

For each bag-in-box sold we plant a tree in deforested areas of Africa, an initiative in collaboration with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit organization. I’m your organic is more than a carbon neutral product, with this initiative we remove more carbon than we generate in our production. Furthermore, removing handle we save 150Kg. of plastic in a 50K BiB production.

I'M YOUR ORGANIC wines are made of high quality grapes organically farmed in the center of Spain and produced without using animal products. So yes! They’re vegan and organic.