Meet David, part of the Marketing team!

Meet David, part of the Marketing team!

Discover who is behind the creation of our brands.

#HammekenCellarsTeam | Meet David, part of the Marketing team!

David has been a member of Hammeken Cellars for a decade, showcasing his talent from his early days as a designer to taking on various key responsibilities. Currently, he oversees brand management, fair organization, budget administration, marketing planning, and task planning within the department.

What he values most about his work: the unique combination of the family atmosphere and the international projection of the company, present in over 40 countries. David finds daily challenges a source of professional growth and highlights the collaborative and motivating team environment.

With a restless spirit and strong determination, he describes himself as a curious and persevering person. His life motto is to live consciously and fully, avoiding falling into autopilot.

He defines himself as a curious person, eager to learn, and "a bit stubborn". His favorite wine? It's Sancta Yusta DOP Cebreros, for its distinctive character, especially enjoyed while cooking. We hope you've had the chance to get to know who's behind our company.