Miguel Ángel Creative Designer at Hammeken Cellars.

Miguel Ángel Creative Designer at Hammeken Cellars.

Meet one person responsible for our designs.

Miguel Ángel has been at Hammeken Cellars for a decade. Its main function is to create labels that match our wines. And always succeeds, just must see the designs of each of our brands. It also performs other totally necessary functions, but not so attractive, that are part of the management.

His favorite part of being part of the team is the freedom to immerse herself in a process of creation. He enjoys exploring and seeing how ideas gradually take shape. But above all, the last step stands out, when he holds the labels in his hands.

He trained in art and advertising at the School of Arts and Crafts in Murcia, although he is always in constant learning. He would also have liked to study teaching, to transmit his passion for artistic creation.

We can emphasize that Miguel Ángel is a curious person. Their interest and motivation are essential to think of new ideas. Also, he likes to question things and not take anything for granted.

Any life motto? He believes that life should not be taken too seriously, if not to focus on what is truly important, enjoy it and live it.

The entire range of Radio Boka wines are his favorites. When he arrived at the company, they were the first he met and he holds a special affection for them. He feels identified with the design and character of this family of wines. In addition, he loves being able to enjoy them with his best friends accompanied by good music.

Now, when you taste one of our wines, you can already know a little more about one of the people who hides on the label. #HammekenCellarsTeam