The Peñín Guide highlights eleven of our wines

The Peñín Guide highlights eleven of our wines

Learn about the ones that have been selected by critics.

In total, 11 of our wines have been selected by the critics of the Guía Peñín, where they have been awarded extraordinary scores of 90 points or more, reaching a total of 93 points.

The Guía Peñín known for its rigorous wine evaluation process, has highlighted Hammeken Cellars' ability to produce wines that captivate the most discerning palates. Each of the selected wines has undergone a detailed evaluation, taking into account factors such as aroma, taste, structure, and balance.

Among the selected wines, we can find a wide variety of options. These include Tosalet Carignan, Tosalet fins a vinyes de 50 anys, and Tosalet, Creencia Actitud, Creencia Virtud, and Creencia Juventud, Gotas de Mar Godello, and Gotas de Mar Godello Fermentado en Barrica, Aventino 200 Barricas, and lastly, Mirada Organic Rosé.

The highest score was awarded to Tosalet Carignan with a total of 93 points. This success motivates us to keep working. Many thanks to the experts, and congratulations to the entire team!