What is the ecological seal?

What is the ecological seal?

Discover the importance of the Ecological Seal of Organic Agriculture in Europe.

The Ecological Seal of Organic Agriculture makes a difference in the sustainability of our system. In a world that is increasingly aware of the need to protect our environment and our health, organic farming has become a crucial option. 

Certification recognized throughout Europe guarantees that products have been grown and processed in accordance with strict environmental standard, in our case, 50% of our wines have it.

But not only that, in this way guarantee the conservation of the environment with respectful practices, you support ethical and responsible animal production, has health benefits and fourth, you are supporting local farmers

Environmental conservation is one of our biggest concerns as wine producers for this reason, we are increasingly involved. When choosing wines with the Organic Seal, we are supporting an agricultural model that preserves our natural resources and promotes biodiversity.