Wine in moderation

Wine in moderation

Wine has been part of people's lives since ancient times until now. But its conception has changed becoming: a cultural symbol. Its evolution is so great that there are people who consume it daily, so it is important to drink it in moderation.

The role of wine has progressed over time, ceasing to be fundamental nutritionally, until becoming a cultural complement to food and coexistence compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

The art of viticulture has also had a great evolution. Despite this, there are many things that have remained unchanged within the sector such as: gastronomy, history, tradition, origin and social environments.

We can also see how consumption habits have changed over the years. Today, consumers choose quality, paying more attention to the type of wine and enjoying them as part of their modern lifestyle. But we are aware that we cannot ignore one of the trends that is being experienced in some countries: the abusive consumption of alcohol.

At Hammeken Cellars we are part of the Wine in Moderation organization, because responsible consumption of all alcoholic beverages is necessary.

You should be aware that binge drinking has important health, legal, social, and lastly, economic repercussions. Only by savoring the wine slowly can its flavors and the complex character it hides be appreciated.

In this way, we recommend discovering the unique character, drinking slowly. So take the necessary time, looking for the harmony of its flavor. Above all, keep in mind that in certain situations such as pregnancy, if you are a minor or you are going to drive, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Taking care of yourself is taking care of others, avoid excess.