NOLO wines (No, Low, Alcohol) are a category of wines that contain little to no alcohol. These wines are designed to offer a similar experience to traditional wine but with less alcoholic impact. They are a popular option for those who wish to reduce their alcohol consumption for health reasons, lifestyle choices, or personal preference.

To produce our NOLO wines, the process begins similarly to conventional wines, with the fermentation of grapes to convert the sugars into alcohol.

Next, we de-alcoholize the wine at a low temperature using a spinning cone system specifically designed to retain aromatic and phenolic compounds while eliminating the alcohol.

The consumption of low or non-alcoholic wines has certain advantages both in terms of health and lifestyle. Some notable benefits include:

  • Fewer calories: Wines with low or no alcohol content typically have fewer calories than traditional wines, which is beneficial for weight control.
  • Safe driving: NOLO wines allow you to enjoy a drink similar to wine without compromising your ability to drive.
  • Socializing: They facilitate participation in social events without the intoxicating effect of alcohol.
  • Alcohol tolerance: Ideal for people with low alcohol tolerance or those who prefer to avoid its side effects.
  • General well-being: For those seeking a balance between enjoying wine and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

NOLO wines represent an innovation in the wine industry, offering an alternative for those who wish to enjoy the taste of wine without the effects of alcohol. Their production involves careful processes to maintain flavor and aroma profiles, and their growing popularity reflects a demand for healthier beverage options suited to various lifestyles.