Non-alcoholic wines: a growing trend among wine lovers

Non-alcoholic wines: a growing trend among wine lovers

Nowadays, non-alcoholic beer causes no surprise whatsoever. It is just another option for consumers, and finding it in supermarkets and restaurants is just in the normal course of things.

But things are quite different when it comes to non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic wine.

Especially in a country where wine culture is so deeply rooted. In Spain, many people still find it hard to understand why someone would want to drink non-alcoholic wine.

But it is just a matter of taking a look at the market to realize this is already a reality. It may not be mainstream, but it is happening, and it is growing.

Non-alcoholic wine —or low-alcoholic wine— is here to stay.

A revealing proof of it being the 30% to 40% purchase increase of non-alcoholic wine some Californian wineries experienced during the hardest months of the pandemic. An increase which did not decline when we returned to (relative) normality.

The reasons for this boom are closely related to healthy lifestyle choices aiming to reduce alcohol consumption and superfluous calorie intake. Especially among the younger generation.

But this does not have to mean giving up the pleasure of tasting a glass of wine.

More and more wineries are aware of this, and this is why we believe it is just a matter of a few years when finding several non-alcoholic wine options will be as common as finding non-alcoholic beer.

So, have you already tried non-alcoholic wine? Or, maybe, low-alcoholic wine? 


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