The 2023 grape harvest has begun!

The 2023 grape harvest has begun!

Start one of the most special moments of the year.

It's time to gather the fruits of the entire year! Last week marked the exciting start of the harvest in various territories where we operate.

The vineyards have been carefully tended throughout the year to produce the highest quality grapes. Harvesting is a crucial moment, as the grape quality ensures the flavors and aromas that our wines will carry.

After a year marked by drought in most of the Spanish territory, the harvest has experienced a significant advancement in its collection dates. For example, in areas of Castilla-La Mancha, the harvest began in the second week of August. In contrast, in Galicia's Ribeiro Denomination of Origin (D.O.), the harvest will be more extended as planned, due to some territories being ready while other areas need more time to reach their optimal ripeness.

Now, the grape growers and our entire winemaking team are in their busiest period. We are confident it will be of great quality. Much encouragement to all the individuals who are part of this magical moment!