Vegan wines: the market adjusts to all dietary options

Vegan wines: the market adjusts to all dietary options

Vegan wines? Aren't all wines vegan? Well, actually no.... However, some wines are in fact vegan, in spite of their labels not mentioning so.

Mainly because the current regulation does not oblige wineries to indicate whether animal ingredients have been used in the production of their wines. Therefore, most of them do not do so.

And you may be thinking, "Wine made with animal ingredients?".

That's right.

If you are not very familiar with the industry, you may not know that in order to eliminate impurities before bottling, wine goes through a fining process.

And in this process it is common to use products such as gelatin (based on animal cartilage), or casein (derived from milk).

All these ingredients are incompatible with a vegan diet, which takes out any food that’s not plant-based.

This dietary option is becoming more and more popular, and for this reason, many wineries are creating wines that meet the vegan standards. In our case, we are in the process of making vegan the total of our offer, having reached 90% of the target to date.

To this end, we use plant-based ingredients in the fining process, which can derive from peas, potatoes, wheat or even seaweed.

This is our way to make wine a viable option for those who enjoy drinking it and want to follow an animal-friendly diet.

What about you? Have you ever heard of vegan wines?


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