Wine value: is more expensive always better?

Wine value: is more expensive always better?

Well, as Einstein would say, "it’s all relative". It goes without saying that comparing a €2.000 wine with a €20 one doesn’t make much sense.

Nor does comparing a Ferrari with an Opel or a Rolex with a Casio.

Not because the Corsa won't take you—just as the Ferrari— from one place to another, nor because the Casio will give you the time with a few minutes delay.

But mainly because these products—in spite of actually having major production cost gaps—target different audiences. And the way to reach each specific target is through price-setting.

We should not be that naive to believe these premium brands sell mobility or time telling devices.

They are selling something else, much more related to exclusivity or lifestyle than to the actual benefits of their products.

And something similar happens when it comes to wine.

Needless to say, we are not denying the fact that there is a vast range of quality in the wine industry.

Wine quality is the result of many aspects. The grapes, the terroir, the vintage or the winemaker's expertise make a huge difference. We are not downplaying their importance.

However, with high-priced wines something similar happens as with high-end cars or watches. The price is not a reflection —or is not only a reflection —of their production characteristics being infinitely superior to other similar wines.

The price symbolizes other aspects, also important, but not that related to the concrete sensory experience of tasting a wine and getting pleasure from it.

Aspects such as the grapes being grown in hard-to-access land, or the terroir being only 5 ha and therefore resulting in a very limited production.

Or maybe a winery has chosen to be positioned as a premium brand through high prices.

These variables are important, of course.

And we wish we all had the opportunity to taste these special wines on occasion.

However, it is not to be concluded that moderately priced wines cannot provide as much (or more) joy as some of these gems.

Because drinking wine means delight, relaxation, good times. Which, in our opinion, are not as related to “how much”, as to “where”, “when” and especially “with whom”.

And that doesn’t necessarily imply expensive wines.


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